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NPR這個美國國家廣播電台,有著全美最不毒蛇的影評。復仇者聯盟The Avengers是典型的超級英雄大會串Avengers alliance - super alliance with super heroes,這種電影,英文有個說法,就叫做popcorn flick也就是搭配爆米花最有味的好片。flick就是movie的另外一個說法。喜歡看動作片的粉絲,你可以自稱是個 Action film buff這個字跟fan都可以用。好啦,廢話不多說,快來看看影評人Bob Mondello怎麼看這部片。

'The Avengers': Slick Summer Superheroics

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Finally, this hour, the sound of comic book漫畫 superheroes超級英雄 smashing box office records締造影史賣座紀錄.
ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: (as Iron Man/Tony Stark) How about that?
CORNISH: It all started last weekend when Marvel's "The Avengers" opened(上映的說法) in 39 countries around the world, and it will likely continue when the film hits(也是上映的意思) U.S. theaters tonight at midnight. Legions of fans一拖拉庫的粉絲 have already bought advanced tickets. And critic影評人 Bob Mondello suspects懷疑 they'll be pleased.
SAMUEL L. JACKSON: (as Nick Fury) War has started, and we are hopelessly outgunned指對手的火力優於自己.
BOB MONDELLO, BYLINE: (影評人對於上述的說法不以為然)Oh, spare me喔拜託!. Our guys have a hammer, exploding arrows, a shield, broad shoulders寬厚的肩膀(指那些英雄的體格超棒). How are they going to be underdogs處於劣勢 in this fight? I mean, sure, the bad guy, Loki, has an army of整個軍隊(形容數量眾多) aliens ready to pounce猛撲攻擊. But as Iron Man tells him, The Avengers have a not-so-jolly臉很臭,脾氣不太好的 green giant.
DOWNEY: (as Iron Man/Tony Stark) Let's do a head count here. Your brother, the demigod半人半神...
MONDELLO: That would be Thor雷神索爾.
DOWNEY: (as Iron Man/Tony Stark) ...a super soldier...
MONDELLO: Captain America美國隊長.
DOWNEY: (as Iron Man/Tony Stark) legend這句話指這些角色都是活生生的傳奇人物, who kind of lives up to the legend而且表現與實力都不會辜負大家的期望...
DOWNEY: (as Iron Man/Tony Stark) ...a man with breathtaking anger management issues經常暴躁難以控制自己的情緒...
DOWNEY: (as Iron Man/Tony Stark) ...a couple of master assassins最高竿的殺手. And you, big fellow, you've managed to piss off惹惱 every single one of them.
TOM HIDDLESTON: (as Loki) That was the plan.
MONDELLO: There's a problem, though. All of the folks that he just mentioned, including those world-class一流的 assassins - Hawkeye and Black Widow - don't really play well with others. So turning them into an actual team will take time, time that director Joss Whedon fills with the kind of one-on-one superhero matchups這邊是指導演讓每一個超級英雄都有發揮的空間 fanboys can usually only dream about這些可是粉絲夢寐以求的. Irresistible難以抗拒(這邊指的是超強的) hammer meets immovable最堅固牢靠的 shield.
MONDELLO: Snarky驕傲且經常對周遭人表達輕慢 billionaire taunts挑釁 a guy who's trying to stay calm.
DOWNEY: (as Iron Man/Tony Stark) And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control失控 and turn into an enormous green rage monster.
MONDELLO: And who'd win a fair fight? Thor? Iron Man? Hulk? Let's go find a mountaintop and break some trees.
MONDELLO: There is a plot劇情. The Earth is at risk有難/危險 because our tesseract超正方體/立方體 went on the fritz當掉了/壞了 and got stolen. Don't sweat the details內容不重要啦. It's a cube, and it's opening up wormholes蟲洞 for giant eel-like spaceships超巨大鰻魚形狀的太空船. Luckily, we've got a gizmo新奇的配備 of our own, a nifty外型看起來超炫的 battleship that, I guess, you'd have to call a stealth helicarrier隱形直升鑑. Still, Whedon knows that mere gizmos do not a superhero movie makes, so he's ordered up a lot of quips妙語/幽默俏皮的對白 - some explosive laughs, actually - and so that you can still enjoy the picture if you're over 15, he's made sure that all of his stars get to shine都有亮相表現的機會 in moments without digital effects.
Considering what a 3-D traffic jam "The Avengers" could have been with six heroes in spandex穿著彈性纖維衣服 and big-name hangers-on from Samuel L. Jackson to Gwyneth Paltrow指的是影片卡司堅強,演員都是大咖, it's impressive that the filmmaker still found time to do things like, say, let Mark Ruffalo be understated as the latest in a line of Hulks.
SCARLETT JOHANSSON: (as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff) Doctor, we need you to come in.
MARK RUFFALO: (as The Hulk/Bruce Banner) What if I say no?
JOHANSSON: (as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff) I'll persuade you.
MONDELLO: All of this, of course, leading to a bone-crunching粉身碎骨, skyscraper-shattering撞爛高樓, giant-eel-eviscerating取出內臟(指直搗核心然後摧毀) showdown that lays waste to much of Manhattan把曼哈頓夷為平地, looks really cool, and sets up what will doubtless be Marvel superhero sequels too numerous to count影評諷刺地表示,類似的情節一定會大受歡迎,最後還會有一連串續即可以拍.
CHRIS HEMSWORTH: (as Thor) You ready for another bout回合?
CHRIS EVANS: (as Captain America/Steve Rogers) What, you getting sleepy?
MONDELLO: Can't say "The Avengers" makes me look forward to seeing any of its heroes flying solo單飛 again, but it does establish that in smaller doses影評表示,許多英雄大雜燴式的影片,非常熱鬧,還真的會讓人想念大家聚在一起打擊壞人的時光,讓人幾乎忘掉這些腳色也可以單飛,自己去維持世界和平。不過此片上映,確實也對於強化個別角色有點小作用啦, even the most annoying type A personalities can be amusing因為即便是討人厭的A型個性也有笑點. Of course, as a just-released trailer剛推出的預告片 for the last third of Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy reminds us, a caped crusader改革運動鬥士(這邊指的是蝙蝠俠) movie can aspire啟發大家有更遠大的夢想 to greater things. But nobody says it has to, and Joss Whedon just wants "The Avengers" to be fun, which it is.這裡說的是,蝙蝠俠這類的電影所探討的是比較深刻的人性與未來願景,但誰說英雄都要那麼苦,英雄電影也可以只是精采有趣啊,像是復仇者聯盟這種。
MONDELLO: I'm Bob Mondello.
SOUNDGARDEN: (Singing) What if all you understand could fit into the center of our hand...
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  1. 老師 請問您
    "Let's go find a mountaintop and break some trees." 是什麼意思?

  2. Hi Ruby,

    And who'd win a fair fight? Thor? Iron Man? Hulk?
    Let's go find a mountaintop and break some trees.


  3. 'The Avengers': Slick Summer Superheroics
    老師可以問一下 標題的整個意思 以及slick是什麼意思嘛?

  4. slick本來的意思是光滑,這邊指的是光鮮亮眼的,當然是因為復仇者聯盟裡面有很多讓人眼睛為之一亮的角色啊。




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