Vote tomorrow! It's your right. 大家要記得去投票,跟這次投票相關的英文也要懂。

Cast your ballots and we will all be watching the results for Saturday’s polls, looking for clues about how we view president Tsai’s administration.

You and I will be choosing mayors and local councils tomorrow, as well as casting ballots on same-sex marriage and phasing out nuclear power.

Concerns about the economy and relations with China are also big issues that are our minds, so get up early tomorrow and vote! It's your right! 

  1. to cast one's ballot 投票
  2. poll 此指投票/選舉(也有民調的意思)
  3. president Tsai's administration 蔡總統的內閣
  4. mayor 市長
  5. local council 市議員
  6. same-sex marriage 同志婚姻
  7. to phase out 逐步淘汰
  8. nuclear power 核能
  9. concerns about the economy 對於經濟的憂心
  10. relations with China 與中國的關係
  11. it's your right! 這是你的權利
投完票之後可以很高興的說:I voted!



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