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Climate Change Getting Worse by the Minute

What goes up and doesn't come down? Greenhouse gas emissions溫室氣體排放, apparently. The world set another record締造另一項紀錄 in 2012, spewing 吐出/湧出some 31.6 billion metric tons公噸 of carbon dioxide二氧化碳, methane甲烷 ,hydrofluorocarbons氫氟碳化物 and other greenhouse gases into the air.

The 2012 contribution keeps us on pace for not one more degree Celsius攝氏(溫度) of warming, or even two, as is the avowed goal公開表示的目標 of the international climate negotiations that saw another inconclusive round 這場會談又再度沒有具體結果conclude this past week. We are on track for 3 degrees C of warming or more將會再上升攝氏三度(地球在本世紀的溫度), this century.

That calculation comes from the International Energy Agency國際能源總署, a kind of cartel聯合企業 for oil-consuming rich nations富庶的石油消費國. But don't despair. The U.S. in recent years has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions back to levels last seen in the 1990s. That's thanks mostly to burning less coal減少煤炭的燃燒.

And there are some quick and easy steps that could reduce emissions globally: more energy efficiency更節能,less leaking methane少一點甲烷外洩, an end to fossil fuel subsidies終止石化燃料的補貼and a ban on inefficient coal-fired power plants禁止不節能、以燃煤做為動力來源的工廠繼續運行. If we did all of those, we might get on a new track that leads to a world that’s less hot and bothered.

—David Biello



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