New from NPR! 辦公室是貨櫃屋! Building An Office Of Shipping Containers

Building health clinics using shipping containers.


其實building an office of shipping containers


New from NPR

Building An Office Of Shipping Containers

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September 23, 2010LINDA WERTHEIMER, host:
During the recession經濟大蕭條, shipping containers貨櫃 began stacking up堆疊 on American shores海岸. Architects saw an opportunity to recycle回收 them into homes製成房舍 and other spaces. Catherine Welch from member station WRNI found a multi-story office building made entirely from shipping containers.
CATHERINE WELCH: Several times every day, passenger trains載客火車 travel through Providence, Rhode Island羅德島(位於美國東岸), passing a Smurf-blue building藍色小精靈顏色的建築 with a shock of yellow and green. It looks like it’s made from Legos樂高積木 and often grabs the attention吸引注意力 of riders zipping past咻一聲快速通過.
Mr. PETER CASE (Architect): When Amtrak美國的載客火車 goes by it’s a little event, and they look up from their computer and watch it go by.
WELCH: Peter Case owns and helped design the building, made entirely from cargo shipping containers - those steel鋼材, rectangular長方形 boxes on trucks and trains. The three-story complex三層樓高的房子 is divided into two sets of offices with a canopy/屋頂 made from the sides of containers covering an exposed central hallway位於中央的玄關門廊.
Mr. CASE: Our mantra信仰的教條 was let the container be a container whenever possible. So we don’t hide the dings瑕疵/老舊
WELCH: Dings and all, the building cost $1.8 million. That’s half the cost of his original plans for a conventional building傳統的 - plans he scrapped選擇(回收一些本來就要丟棄的東西) when the economy tanked經濟停滯不前(景氣差). There was no precedent沒有前例 in the U.S., so Case had to convince Providence officials who were a little hesitant猶豫 at first. Then he bought shipping containers for $2,000 a pop一個貨櫃以兩千美元購得 and welded焊接 two or three of them together, cutting out the sides to create an open floor plan平面設計圖.
Mr. CASE: So this unit is just finished getting the sheet rock隔間用的版子(如矽酸鈣板之類的) on. So you can see, if you look out and go to the very end that there's all glass.
WELCH: It feels like any other office space. It took Case and his team six months to design and figure out the basics基本配備, like installing windows, electric電線管路 and plumbing水管. It took just four days to truck in the containers and plunk(用力的)放下 them down on site.
The buildings are now open for business. Website consultant Chris Murray is the first renter. He recognized it from a Craigslist分類廣告的網頁(提供交友工作與各種工商服務的平台) ad and had to check it out.
Mr. CHRIS MURRAY (Website consultant): We decided to come here because it is a really unique and neat整潔或是很棒的意思 place.
WELCH: This office in Providence isn’t the only building made from containers. There are homes and art studios sprinkled around散佈 the U.S., a school in Mexico, and one non-profit 非營利 (組織單位) is turning containers into health clinics醫療診所 for poor and rural countries. They may be portable and look cool, but builder Joshua Brandt says don’t expect to start seeing them everywhere別指望這類的房子會如雨後春筍般冒出來.
Mr. JOSHUA BRANDT (Builder): If building with containers was like a fundamentally superior way非常優良的房屋建設 to build things, people would build out of containers all the time就會普及了. And the reason why they don’t is because it is very challenging.
WELCH: And for Brandt, it’s a relief鬆口氣 to get back to normal construction jobs.
For NPR News, I’m Catherine Welch, in Providence, Rhode Island.
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