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Memory Improves with Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role 重要的   in better memory.

Christie Nicholson reports

Want to remember something?
Sleep on it.這是一個雙關語,字面的意思是,睡一覺就會記得了,但是英文的sleep on it也有好好想一想的意思

A recent study finds that the more we value重視a piece of information the more likely we’ll review it during our sleep. And because we do that, we’ll tend to傾向於 remember it.

Participants were shown objects with different corresponding 符合的dollar amounts on a computer screen. If participants could remember that object later on a test, they were rewarded with the associated dollar amount. Objects were also accompanied by an associated sound, for instance a cat was accompanied by a “meow.”
After either a 90-minute nap小睡 or wake period醒來的時間, subjects’ memory for low-value objects was worse than for high-value objects.
In a second experiment associated sounds were played either when the subjects were awake or asleep, as a way to trigger觸發 the memory of the object.
Researchers found that low-value objects were better remembered when the associated sound was played during subjects’ sleep as opposed to 對照(而不是)when they were awake.
The authors believe that during sleep is when we tend to go over the day’s new information, so that is why they could manipulate操縱或運用 the memory storage記憶儲存 of lower-value objects during sleep time rather than wake time.
Gives new meaning to the term sound asleep.(原指熟睡,這邊是雙關語,睡眠中以聲音輔助記憶,也是一個加深印象的方式,睡眠時操作比醒著的時候效果還要來得好)

—Christie Nicholson


  1. 教練

    --> low-value objects was worse than for high-value objects.

    After either a 90-minute nap or wake period, subjects’ memory for low-value objects was worse than for high-value objects.

    在90分鐘的小睡後或是醒來的時間,短期記憶比長期記憶差? 這樣翻好像怪怪的。


    1. 這邊的low-value與high-value應該指的是跟價格有關的物品,因為這篇報導有包含一個測試,讓受測者坐在電腦前看一些畫面(或影片之類的),可能畫面顯示的是物品與相符的價格dollar amounts(比方說一輛車子六十萬台幣,一包餅乾50元台幣這類的)。




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