New from Scientific American 科學人說,想不發胖得先在肚子裡面養好菌。


Staying Healthy Takes Guts Full of Microbes

People whose intestines have smaller and less diverse bacterial populations are more prone to obesity and gut inflammation.

Sophie Bushwick reports

Everywhere you go, the trillions數以兆計(無數個) of microbes微生物/ in your gut腸道 go too. And that's a comforting thought想到這裡就令人感到安慰. Because according to a new study, a more diverse population of intestinal bacteria腸道細菌 is linked to better health. The work is in the journal Nature.

Danish 丹麥researchers gathered gut microbes from almost 300 obese and non-obese adults. The intestines of roughly one in four participants contained fewer and less diverse bacteria than average. And members of this group were more likely to be更可能變得 obese and to suffer from罹患 gut inflammation發炎.

By looking for only a few specific bacteria, researchers could predict預測 whether a subject受測對象 fell into掉入 the low-diversity不具多樣性的group. Certain species 種類could even indicate指出 whether an individual was slim or overweight. And these microbial markers標示 might also serve as signs of future health risks—because low-diversity participants who were obese were more likely to gain additional weight over time.

But a low-diversity gut won't necessarily doom危及your health. According to another study in the same journal, it's possible to increase microbial diversity by developing a decent diet吃得健康. Remember, you’re eating for trillions你得為肚子裡數不清的腸道好菌著想.



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