From NPR!Move over gourmet cakes, it's COOKIE time!餅乾藝術正夯,看起來賞心悅目。

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餅乾藝術Cookie art這幾年在歐美大行其道,教練覺得這工作真是一個療癒的事業。如果可以早點退休,我想去學肥皂雕刻或是藝術餅乾,今天分享這篇NPR的報導,還有教練經常收看的YouTube餅乾製作頻道,看行家製作藝術餅乾,真的是跟看玩具開箱 un-boxing toys一樣心曠神怡啊。近年很多餅乾達人結合3D印刷方式去製作餅乾,讓成品更臻完美精巧。

製作精美的珠寶盒跟點心,全部都可以吃。圖片來自於部落格Expect the Unexpected. 

Freshly Baked Art: Cookies that are a feast for the eyes


Remember the gourmet(原意為美食) cupcake trend高檔杯子蛋糕風潮? Well, move over 閃邊站cupcake. Here comes the designer cookie高檔餅乾. Bakers all around the country are making incredibly intricate繁複的 and artistic cookies, and then they are sharing photos of them online. North Country Public Radio's David Sommerstein introduces us to one cookie designer in upstate 上州New York. 紐約上州是美國口語中泛指紐約州除了紐約市及長島地區以外的所有紐約州,並無官方或正式的行政界線
DAVID SOMMERSTEIN, BYLINE: Rebecca Weld makes her living as an architect. But during her free time, she's hunched over彎著背 the kitchen counter like an alchemist煉金術士, dripping滴著 food coloring食用色素 drop by drop and stirring攪拌 to achieve the perfect-colored icing to decorate her cookies.
REBECCA WELD: So I don't think it's dark enough. I've got this other green that I'm looking at next to it.
SOMMERSTEIN: And these are not your grandma's cookies. Unless your grandma decorated hers with psychedelic迷幻七彩的 butterflies, mosaics and mandalas曼陀羅, even a scene from an Adirondack lake that looks like you could dive right into it.
WELD: It's a really cool way to - like if you see a graphic of something that you love, in like a Crate and Barrel美國家飾品牌 catalog型錄 or something like that, you can kind of play with design, as you see things. You can - oh, that would make a great cookie, you start to think.
SOMMERSTEIN: On the day I visit, just before Christmas, Weld is making a batch of cherry-pistachio櫻桃開心果 cookies decorated as old-fashioned pickup trucks卡車 with evergreens常綠植物(如松柏) in the flatbed載貨的平台.
WELD: I've decorated the pickup trucks. And now, I've got to decorate all the Christmas trees in the back.
SOMMERSTEIN: Weld rolls a plop一坨(稀稀的) of forest-green icing in Saran wrap保鮮膜, then she loads it into an icing bag and delicately colors a tree onto a cookie. When it dries, she'll add ornaments裝飾品 the size of a pinhead如針頭般大的, and whisper-thin silver trim極細的勾邊. Weld takes pictures of her creations, and shares them with other cookiers on Facebook. She goes by Cookie Architect, and her page has 7,000 likes有七千個人按讚.
WELD: You post the pictures, and everyone can see your pictures. And they can say, oh, your pictures are great, or not great, or whatever. But it's really just about sharing your art.
SOMMERSTEIN: The biggest cookie design-sharing website, Cookie Connection, has 3,000 members based all over the world, each with her own style - and they are almost all women. Some cookies are cartoonish卡通化. Others look like stained glass彩繪玻璃 or real paintings. Julia Usher runs Cookie Connection. I talked to her by Skype while she was traveling Portugal and Spain, doing cookie design workshops餅乾設計研習營. Usher says cookies are catching on蔚為風潮 as high-baking art because they're easier than, say, a full-blown cake一個完整的蛋糕.
JULIA USHER: The cookie being a great vehicle for creating an expression of yourself that is compact and small, and easily transferred to someone else. It's really an expression of you and giving.
SOMMERSTEIN: Cookie Connection does host competitions, like Best Cookies of 2013. Rebecca Weld took top honors for her set of Nantucket seaside-themed南塔克特海邊主題 cookies. But while some of the most accomplished cookie designers do it for a living, for many others it's a hobby. Weld gives most of hers away.
WELD: A common comment is, oh, they're too beautiful to eat. And I mean, I have saved a few of them. It's sort of a zen頗富禪意 - sort of the zen part of it. It's like a sand painting一幅砂畫 or something, you know. Like, you make this beauty, put it out in the world. I mean, you take pictures of it. It's not like you can't remember.
SOMMERSTEIN: It is a cookie after all, just one you're not sure whether to hang on your wall, or wash down with a glass of milk搭配牛奶吃下肚. For NPR News, I'm David Sommerstein in Potsdam, N.Y.
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