From Scientific American 電動車不見得真的環保,關鍵在於你用什麼發電。短篇英文天天聽,是英文大補丸。

Tesla 電動車了不起,根據網路上資料顯示,荷蘭團隊做過測試,

If the Fuel Source Ain't Clean, Your Electric Car Ain't Green

A host of factors determine the role of electric and hybrid cars in reducing greenhouse gas pollution, such as whether coal is their ultimate fuel source. David Biello reports

As Tesla特斯拉電動車 prepares to begin selling its Model S in smog-ridden煙霧迷漫(形容空氣很差的) China, the question is: do electric cars reduce air pollution? And the answer is: it depends.

That on-the-one-hand-yes-but-on-the-other hand-no conclusion comes from a study predicting the impacts of electric cars in the U.S. to 2050. It's in the journalEnvironmental Science and Technology.

The reason it depends is that we don't know the future. 
Will batteries be cheap? Will the U.S. have a law limiting carbon dioxide? Which will cost less: oil or natural gas天然氣?

Depending on the answers, 
electric vehicles and hybrids油電混和車 might not reduce air pollution at all. They could even make it worse.

Researchers ran 108 different computer models of how driving might change in the next few decades. And it turns out the key to reducing air pollution isn't how many electric cars there are. What matters is whether there are regulations
規範 in place to mandate命令 reductions in CO2 and other pollutants污染物().

As it stands按照現在的狀況來看, battery cars that run on electricity from burning coal 燃煤(火力發電) can be more polluting than cars that get good mileage on gas. And that's why a Tesla in China, where most electricity comes from coal, is no zero-emissions vehicle.

—David Biello



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