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January 10, 2012 - MELISSA BLOCK, HOST:
This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Melissa Block.
And I'm Audie Cornish. This can be a harrowing痛苦的(因為被折磨所導致的) time for high school seniors and their parents waiting for responses to college applications, but it hardly compares to what high school students in India go through.
NPR's Corey Flintoff reports that admission to India's top colleges is much tougher than it is even for Ivy League schools here.
COREY FLINTOFF, BYLINE: Many of the candidates for India's top colleges come from exclusive private high schools like this one, the Delhi Public School. On the playing fields, girls and boys in white shirts and neckties play fierce games of cricket 板球and badminton羽毛球. It's a sort of warm-up for the intensity they'll have to put in to applying for universities.
The school graduated about 1,000 seniors last year, virtually all of whom went on to college. Mamta Sharma, the director of international admissions at the school, says that more than 400 of her graduates qualified for top foreign universities, including prestigious colleges名校 in the United States. She says they fall into two categories.
MAMTA SHARMA: Some who are planning to go abroad, irrespective of不論/不管 Indian university criteria, et cetera. And the other group - they try for India and, if they don't get in, they go abroad.
FLINTOFF: Sharma says some very good students weren't able to get into the Indian colleges of their choice. India is a country of 1.2 billion people and, like most things in life here, getting one of the limited places at the best schools is incredibly competitive.
DINESH SINGH: So it's a very difficult game, given the numbers.
FLINTOFF: That's Dinesh Singh, the vice chancellor校長(請看註釋) of Delhi University, an amalgam混合(組合) of 80 top colleges in the capitol city. It's India's equivalent to Oxford, Cambridge and the American Ivy League. All told, Singh has about 50,000 slots to fill with incoming students each year, but that's a drop in the bucket杯水車薪(僧多粥少) compared with the more than three million students who are trying to get into colleges throughout the country.
The numbers are so large that most college admissions are based not on a student's performance in high school, but on their scores on a single set of exams. Some colleges expect those scores to be in the high 90s or even 100 percent. Singh says there's simply no other way.
SINGH: There's no way you could interview all of them. Given the diversity, it's very difficult to give weightage(ph) to other aspects of a student's career, and so you largely rely on the test scores.
FLINTOFF: Students complain that making college admissions dependent on a single set of test results is like gambling your career on a single throw of the dice丟一次骰子就定生死. Saumya Swaroop is one of a growing number of students who are sidestepping規避 the Indian system. She didn't even apply to India's top universities, aiming instead for American schools. She's now on a scholarship at Princeton.
SAUMYA SWAROOP: You could say that the system never really made any sense to me, to be frank. It is - how can they exactly judge the merit of a student on the basis of what happens in a six-hour long exam?
FLINTOFF: Swaroop says India's top schools may be missing talented students who have a lot to offer but simply can't make the cut達到標準(高爾夫球術語,球員一定要達到某個分數才能繼續比賽,不然則被淘汰). The problem's not going to get any easier. More than 120 million Indians will reach college age in the next few years. One way to ease the demand for top flight education排名名列前茅的學校 might be to allow foreign universities to establish branches in India. The government is considering legislation that could make that possible.
Corey Flintoff, NPR News.
President vice-chancellor 都是國外大學裡的特定稱謂,都是校長,唯一區別在於英國和其它聯邦共和國叫"vice-chancellor”而在美國叫"president”The only difference is: you call that person vice-chancellor in the UK and other Commonwealth countries while president in the US. 。該職位一般由社會公開招聘,任職終身。ViceChancellor是大學的首席執政官,主持參議會的工作。ViceChancellor下面一般會設有三四位副校長,英文為ProViceChancellor。他們通常是校內任命的學者,專門負責教學、科研、資產等,任期多為三四年。

chancellor 校監
dean 系主任
Pro-Vice-Chancellor 副校長
Deputy Vice-Chancellor 首席副校長


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