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張彥遠法書要錄:「書之為用,施於子帛,千載不朽,猶愈沒沒而無聞。」「沒沒」,音ㄇㄛˋ ㄇㄛˋ,埋沒的意思。這是「沒沒無聞」一語最早的出處後來用形容人沒有名氣。而「默默」一詞,是沉靜無聲或不說話,如「默默不語」;歸有光項脊軒志亦有「吾兒!久不見若影,何竟日默默在此。」此外,「默默」也有不得意的意思,如漢書賈誼傳:「吁嗟默默,生之無故兮。」
Knicks Star Jeremy Lin Captures Big Apple's Heart 擄獲的心
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February 16, 2012 - RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST:
The Linsanity continues. Last night, the NBA's New York Knicks won their seventh game in a row連續, defeating the visiting Sacramento Kings. And once again it was point guard控球後衛 Jeremy Lin who led the charge領軍.
UNIDENTIFIED ANNOUNCER: (Unintelligible) Lin gets it. (Unintelligible) play with the left hand.
MONTAGNE: In the space of 10 days, the Asian-American Lin has gone from an unknown benchwarmer沒沒無名的板凳球員 to a high-scoring basketball phenom現象(phenomenon的簡稱).
NPR's Margot Adler spoke to some fans to see what the excitement was all about.
MARGOT ADLER, BYLINE: I confess, I never heard of Jeremy Lin until three days ago. Yet watching this Taiwanese-American from Harvard during the last quarter of the Knicks game a couple of days ago, I, like everyone else, was blown away.
Outside the NBA store on Fifth Avenue, people were walking in and out民眾進進出出/川流不息 to buy the top selling jersey運動衣 since Saturday, Lin number 17. New Yorker Bruce Haymes said this is a city where big dreams happen.
BRUCE HAYMES: To have someone that was just off everyone's radar沒人知道的(默默無名的) is just so unusual here. This kind of like from nowhere to something big (麻雀變鳳凰)just feels real New York.
ADLER: So you came in to get...
HAYMES: I came here to get a T-shirt for my eight-year-old son.
ADLER: And it didn't work, right?
HAYMES: It's sold out.
ADLER: There were no smalls or mediums. Many Asians entered the store - many from Taiwan, ecstatic about this first Taiwanese-American to play for the NBA. A 17-year-old Taiwanese exchange student said he cried the first time he saw Lin play. Oneal Ho is also from Taiwan.
ONEAL HO: The last day, he made a game-winning three-pointer, I just jumped off of my couch. My Facebook is, like, every time when Jeremy Lin has a game, my Facebook is all about him. So, I'm looking for his jersey and I'm going to a game.
ADLER: As crowds of people entered Madison Square Garden, excitement mounted觀眾興奮的情緒升高.
Are you all Lin fans? Are you all excited? Are you going to the game?
ADLER: Damir Hot said he was a Sacramento fan, but he was still rooting for Lin.
DAMIR HOT: You don't see this. I mean, I've been following basketball since as long as I've been living. You don't see this. Look at that smile on my face. See that smile? I just can't wait to see him play.
ADLER: And 12-year-old Zach Allen from Oceanside, Long Island, held up a Jeremy Lin towel and said what he liked was...
ZACH ALLEN: His style. I like how he doesn't, like, dunk灌籃 that much and he's not cocky驕傲.
ADLER: OK. There's more media here than anywhere else, and Lin's a great story. First, a rare Asian-American, first Harvard grad in the NBA since the 1950s, unnoticed, dropped from two teams. But something else is going on in this city with all this Linsanity, Divine Lintervention(來自intervention介入), and so forth. There's a wistfulness神往 that suddenly out of nothing comes something. A team that was nowhere comes into the light發光發熱,成為眾所矚目的焦點. Fan Jason Kimi.
JASON KIMI: Madison Square Garden is the most famous arena in the world. And it's been a little bit shameful that we've had a team like this for the last 10 years. Finally, we're showing everybody in the whole world what New York's all about.
ADLER: Outside the entrance, Casey Dinkin stood with her guitar. A life-long Knicks fan, she was hoping that playing some songs might gain her a ticket.
You have any songs about Lin? I can make one up on the spot, she said.
CASEY DINKIN: (Singing) Scoring so many points per game and no one knew your name. We're going to win a championship贏得冠軍 now, thanks to you. Jeremy Lin, we've been waiting for someone like you.
ADLER: As sports blogger Bryan Harvey wrote the other day: In a world of infinite無盡的 data and endless observation, Lin has now broadsided以舷側炮的方式發射 us like an unseen torpedo看不見的魚雷, fired from a submarine we didn't even know existed.
Margot Adler, NPR News, New York.
MONTAGNE: This is NPR News.



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