On being a neat freak. This one is in English. Enjoy this post. 全英文的單元大家也要看呦!

Time to tidy things up folks, it will do you goooood!

On being a Neat Freak
I use these small paper boxes to create little compartments in
my drawers. This is a great storage idea!

Neat freak/clean freak/cleanaholic  = 潔癖

These are the things people say when they come over to my place:

“Do you actually live here?”

“Ya Chun, life is too short to be spent on household chores. You need to stop.” 
“You really need to enjoy your life more!”

“Do you even have a life? “

“Stop doing the dishes in the kitchen! Come on out and talk to us.”

“You need to see a doctor. I’m serious.”

Cat space. Works out just fine.

This is where I work. A clutter-free space. I focus better when my place is clean and tidy. 
I have a confession to make (well, it’s not much of a secret anymore): I just LOVE straightening up things in the house. I admit that I’m a cleanaholic. Some people call me a clean freak but I don't mind. Most of my friends/slobs 懶得做家事的人 complain about the way my apartment looks because it is too impeccably clean and the mere sight of it is making them queasy噁心. Some have even suggested that I go and consult professional advice on this “obsessive-compulsive behavior.” 強迫症

Hey, but is being a neat freak and a house-proud喜歡家裡看起來一塵不染的人 really that bad? I don’t see where it’s hurting anyone. Why can’t I indulge my inner neat freak and be a fun and entertaining hostess just like everyone else? You don't enter a hotel room and say, " Man, this room is too clean, I can't sleep in here." or demand a dirty table when you go to a restaurant. 

I have a little desk right next to my chair,
where I put all my books and stuff on when I work.
This arrangement keeps my personal workstation clean. 
I love doing household chores because it is therapeutic. Cleaning and tidying up things provide a focus in my life, it gives me a sense of security and control. The upside of keeping your place impeccably tidy and clean is that when things stay organized, your life can’t get messy. Plus, you always find what you need instantly. There is nothing to distract you when you work and you actually spend less time doing household chores on a daily basis because you have just cleaned your house two hours ago. I mean, who doesn’t like the smell of clean sheets and sight dust-free tables? Well, at least I don’t hear my cats complaining.

I clean up right after I use my computer and things. It's okay to stack up books on this desk.
When it comes to organizing ideas, I just happen to know all the tricks. You know what you should do now? Stop reading this post and get yourself busy. Combat clutter today, get organized and stay that way. 

Another drawer, same storage ideas.
Use boxes to store things and avoid clutter in the closet.
This will free up some extra space for future storage needs.  



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