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And I'm Melissa Block. Hacking - we often think of it happening to companies or governments, but individuals can also be the targets; people like Matt Honan, a technology writer whose computer and Internet accounts were hacked. He told his story on MORNING EDITION, earlier today.
MATT HONAN: You know, I lost a year and a half of pictures of my daughter; pictures of her with her great-grandparents, who are now ______________, and just really - you know, wonderful, _____________ memories that I'm really hoping I'll be able to get back.
BLOCK: The hackers used security _____________ at Amazon and Apple, to obtain personal information about Honan. Both companies say they're addressing the problems. NPR's Sonari Glinton looks at some things you can do, to __________ yourself.
SONARI GLINTON, BYLINE: I'm sitting here at my desk and, like most of you, I've got a ton of stuff - a work cellphone, personal cellphone; I have a tablet; I've got a laptop computer. And if I just count NPR's logins - and things like that - I have a login for the network; I have a login for the travel ____________; I have a login for my annual performance review. And each of these ____________, or logins, contain really vital pieces of information that if you got a hold of, I'd be in _____________.
LANCE ULANOFF: Essentially, what's happening here is, you're leaving yourself __________ - your whole life open - to what I call triangulation.
GLINTON: Lance Ulanoff is editor of, a technology website. He says the ____________ to protect yourself, is to use _____________. Thing is, most of us are simply not doing that.
ULANOFF: It's just ridiculous that people are still creating their own passwords. They all - to a person, I think they will admit, they're ____________ at it. And they don't even really expend any effort on it.
GLINTON: Ulanoff says the best way to deal with the password tangle is to use a software that ____________ and stores passwords for you. Then you only need one, super-secure password. It's not just _______________ to get strong passwords. Ulanoff says you have to change your ___________________.
ULANOFF: I hate to say it but the reality is, they need to __________ a little less. They need to put a little bit ________ information out there. You know, their Facebook pages, their MySpace pages, their Twitter accounts - they're constantly sharing information, _______.
GLINTON: It's the details that get you into trouble - your birthday and date; where you went to grade school; posting photos of your ____________ while you're on vacation. Not a _____________. IT professionals have been saying it for years but _____________ your data, back up your data, back up your data. Ulanoff says, think about consolidating your online presence.
ULANOFF: Oh, I'm still on Friendster. Wait a minute, no one's still on Friendster. Well, I have an _____________ out there - you know. They say oh, I'm still on MySpace. Really? You know - when was the last time you visited? Five years ago. OK, it might be time to __________________.
GLINTON: You know what's funny about that? I don't even know.
ULANOFF: (LAUGHTER) Yeah. I mean, that's the big problem. There's ___________ debris everywhere. We are leaving trails that go back years, now.
GLINTON: The final thing is to use two-part authentication - something that you know, like a password; and something that you have, like a thumbprint. Here's the thing about doing all of this: _________________.
Whitson Gordon is senior editor at The site gives tips on using technology to ease ______________.
WHITSON GORDON: Well, unfortunately - you know - I can tell all of my friends to use separate passwords, and use a password manager; enable two-factor authentication; but it's really not _______________.
GLINTON: Gordon says until now, most companies have been more ________________ make things easier, not necessarily ________________.
GORDON: And I think that a lot of them are realizing that security comes first, convenience comes second, in this day and age; with people getting hacked, and identity theft being so _____________. And I think we're at the point where we're starting to realize how to be more ___________; and now, we need to figure out how to make that more convenient for us, the average user.
GLINTON: Gordon says it's going to take a long time for the companies to figure out simple and safe ________________, so don't hold your breath. Until then, back up your data.
Sonari Glinton, NPR News.



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