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Urban food foraging在歐美都爆夯。經濟不景氣,很多人腦筋動到城市裡與市郊的果樹與野草上去了。如此一來肚子餓不必再翻垃圾桶no more dumpster diving,滿地的野生香草與野果不但可以填飽肚子,更讓人有種尋寶的樂趣。研究學者表示,這些蔬果的含鉛量都在安全範圍內,所以可以安心食用。也難怪現在糾團採野菜已經形成一股風潮了。

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Urban Food Foraging Looks Fruitful
Fruits growing wild in urban areas were found to be healthful and to contain lower levels of lead 鉛濃度較低than what's considered safe in drinking water
From Scientific American
Foraging for food in urban areas is on the rise. 正在攀升(越來越夯)Not dumpster diving. 翻垃圾桶Collecting fruits and herbs香草.
Throughout cities, forgotten fruit trees still produce, well, produce農產品. For example, there was a peach tree in my former之前的 backyard in Somerville, near Boston. And today there are even maps to some of those trees so foragers採食者 can take advantage of 善將利用free produce that otherwise goes largely uneaten—by people, anyway.
But after one member of what’s called the League of Urban Canners in the Boston area was discovered to have relatively high levels of blood lead, 相較之下血鉛濃度高researchers at Wellesley College decided to test urban fruit and herbs. They wanted to see if the fruit posed a threat 形成威脅due to lead or other contaminants污染物 in urban soils都市土壤.
The League of Urban Canners provided 166 samples of foraged fruit, including apples, peaches, and cherries, and herbs. The scientists dehydrated風乾 samples樣本 in a manner similar to that of the urban canners, and they compared those specimens樣本 to commercially available fruit.市面上販售的水果
Apples did indeed contain lead. But the amount in an average apple 一個蘋果平均的(含鉛量)was significantly lower than what the EPA美國國家環境保護局(Environmental Protection Agency) considers safe in a day’s supply of tap water.一天的飲水量
Next, the team investigated the nutrients養分 in foraged urban fruit. And the picked fruit撿來的水果 in general一般來說 had higher levels of most micronutrients微量營養素(包含維生素、礦物質與其他複合物。不是脂肪、蛋白質與碳水化合物) than did store-bought從商店買的 fruit. Calcium and iron鐵質 were higher in all urban samples, and other nutrients including manganese, zinc, magnesium and potassium were higher in some urban fruits. The study was presented at a recent meeting of the Geological Society of America.美國地質學會 [Ciaran L. Gallagher et al, Assessing Risks and Potential Benefits of Harvesting Urban Fruit]
The scientists thus conclude that it’s safe and healthy to eat fruit from most urban trees in common spaces公共區域. Just make sure that peach does not belong to somebody else before you pick it. 要確保摘下來的果實不是別人家種的
—Cynthia Graber



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