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Video Game Play Sharpens Elderly Minds

Elderly people who played a video game電動玩具 that challenged their brain processing speed腦部處理訊息的速度 showed improvements in executive function執行功能 compared with those who did crossword puzzles. 填字遊戲
Amy Kraft reports

u  執行功能(executive function)指稱的是一系列高層次的認知過程cognitive process,可以控制、整合、組織和維持其他認知能力

Wanna help grandma keep her mind sharp讓腦袋靈光? Consider throwing out丟掉 her crossword puzzles and giving her a joystick電動玩具的搖桿. Because a study finds that elderly people who played a video game for at least 10 hours gained three years of protection from cognitive decline大腦認知功能的衰退. Gamers also became quicker at processing information. The research is in the journal PLoS ONE.

Almost 700 subjects were divided into two groups: those between the ages of fifty and sixty-four and people aged sixty-five and older. Members from each age group were asked to either work on a crossword puzzle or play a video game called Road Tour, which involves matching fleeting images快速出現的圖片 of car types and road signs路標.

In both age groups, those who played the video game showed improvements on executive function—which includes memory, attention注意力, problem solving skills and perception知覺—when tested a year later.

Some of the gamers were given four additional hours of training with the game. And their cognitive improvement 認知能力進步lasted an additional year. So video games might help ward off 驅趕/使免除cognitive decline. Just don’t play Road Tour while actually driving.

The simple task has been designed to hone a range of skills, including processing speed, memory, peripheral vision周邊視覺 and attention



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